PLAYFAIR and the “Island of the Hungry Ghosts”

Petra Playfair together with Gabrielle Brady, the Director of the documentary film called “Island of the Hungry Ghosts”, premiered in Australia on 7th March 2019, having an interview at 3RRR radio station in Melbourne, on Monday 4th March at 9.30 am.

Watch the trailer:

Island of the Hungry Ghosts provides opportunity and advocacy for female filmmakers. Funding of this feature has in part come from PLAYFAIR Visa & Migration Services, an international migration firm specialising in complex migration and visa issues.

Founder, Petra Playfair, has worked in this space for over 30 years. She is currently a Fellow and previously an independent Director of the Migration Institute of Australia and has long been a voice for refugees. “Set on Christmas Island, Island of the Hungry Ghosts explores the theme of migration through the 40 million red crabs, that move from the jungle to the sea when the moon is full, and the asylum seekers, that are being held indefinitely in a high-security detention centre on the island.

This evocative, thought-provoking film brought back many memories, specifically my years representing clients in detention on Christmas Island. PLAYFAIR-Visa & Migration Services is proud to support a film that so accurately captures the beauty in respecting both nature and the human spirit, as they each struggle to overcome adversity.”

Island of the Hungry Ghosts has been awarded:

  • Best Documentary – Tribeca Film Festival
  • Human Rights Award – International Documentary Film Awards (IDFA)
  • Special Jury Mention – Edinburgh Film Festival 2018
  • Best Documentary – Adelaide Film Festival 2018
  • Buyen-Chagoll Prize – Visions Du Reel 2018
  • Grand Jury Prize – Mumbai Film Festival
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