About Playfair

Founded by Petra Playfair in 1988, PLAYFAIR® has a core philosophy of inclusion, innovation and integrity.

Who we are

Providing migration advice and assistance since 1988, PLAYFAIR is one of the most experienced firms in the sector. We are diverse, skilled and compassionate legal professionals who facilitate the movement of people across the globe; helping them to find safety, follow their dreams and improve their lives.

Founder, Petra Playfair, spent many years solving complex cross-cultural migration problems in the International Social Service (a United Nations affiliate funded by the Department of Immigration), gaining high-level experience and networks across Australian government departments and courts, non-government agencies and their overseas counterparts.

When she founded PLAYFAIR, Petra’s vision was to develop a practice that had heart and with leading capability to assist all types of migrants and influence government policy. With a core philosophy of inclusion, innovation and integrity, PLAYFAIR has attracted a diverse, talented and dedicated team.

Aptly steering the growth of corporate, private and humanitarian migration departments through changes in government policy and legislation, Petra has built PLAYFAIR into an international operation. PLAYFAIR was selected as a NSW finalist in the ‘Medium and Making Waves’ category of the 2019 Telstra Business Awards.

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Who we help

The work we do has an enormous impact on people’s lives. For our refugee clients, we fight for their human right to seek safety and commence a new life in a new country. For our corporate clients, we help their business succeed. And for our private clients, we allow them to follow their dreams.

Our clients are companies and individuals from all walks of life. With an efficient and effective approach that is both structured and personalised, we are committed to achieving each client’s optimal outcome as quickly as possible.

Corporate migration

A major part of our practice is assisting businesses and individuals with work visas across multiple industry sectors. View services >

Individuals, Families, Business Skills, and Investment Migration

PLAYFAIR enables you to distinguish the best and fastest pathway to achieve your migration goal. View services > 

Humanitarian migration

Over the past decade, our team of qualified migration agents and lawyers has assisted more than 8,000 asylum seekers with refugee status determination. PLAYFAIR is the only practice to hold all three contracts available from the Australian Government for the delivery of humanitarian immigration services. We specialise in working with vulnerable asylum seekers detained remotely in challenging conditions and can apply our expertise in international refugee law and human rights conventions to any jurisdiction.
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Our culture

We believe that our success is founded on diversity and inclusivity – as is any nation’s. After receiving a prestigious Churchill Fellowship to investigate immigration of international adoptees, Petra Playfair developed a passion for creating a welcoming, multicultural Australia and has built PLAYFAIR on this basis.

Our adaptable and resilient team has lived and worked in countries across the globe. More than half of us are female and nearly half are non-Anglo, including several people from refugee backgrounds. We speak multiple languages and represent many religious beliefs. Our wide range of experiences and perspectives enhances our creativity and agility, making us innovative and effective problem solvers.

PLAYFAIR also helps to shape government policy and legislation with integrity and we help cultivate the next generation of positive influencers. Our senior staff mentor our younger team members and for more than 20 years the Playfair Prize has been awarded to the most outstanding immigration law student at the University of Sydney, Australia’s oldest and most prestigious University, Faculty of Law.

Every day presents an opportunity to make a profound, positive difference in a client’s life and we seize it, inspired by our vision to ‘humanise, globalise and mobilise’.