An assessment allows us to identify issues relevant to your application and provide advice on how to overcome any obstacles.

Assessing your eligibility

PLAYFAIR® has a team of experienced Registered Migration Agents and Solicitors that can assist you with your sponsorship and immigration inquiries. If you are unsure of the options available to you, we suggest you book a consultation to allow us to conduct a full assessment of your circumstances.

During the assessment, we will have the opportunity to understand your situation and get a better idea of what would be the best option for you.

We would likely make an assessment based on:

  • the business profile
  • Occupation, education and work experience for staff to be sponsored
  • other relevant details applicable to the Australian labour market.

We encourage you to undertake an assessment as this is the opportunity to allow us to identify any relevant issues and provide the necessary advice on how to overcome obstacles, resolve the issues and choose the best pathway and options available. This ensures the best results are attained and a smoother migration journey.


Yes, in most cases there will be a nominal charge for the consultation. This is to ensure we are able to have the most experienced RMA/Solicitor to attend to your inquiry and to provide professional advice tailored to your circumstances.

During the consultation, we will advise you of any issues for your case, your best options and also advice on what you may need to do to place yourself in a better position. After the consultation, you may choose to engage our firm to assist with your application or may wish to complete certain tasks as advised before commencing the application. The purpose of the consultation is to allow you to better understand your options and be equipped with the right knowledge and information to make the right decision for you.