Petra Playfair is a NSW finalist in Telstra Business Woman of the Year (2019)

Petra Playfair is a New South Wales finalist in Telstra Business Woman of the Year. Judges have selected Petra as one of the most outstanding women doing business in New South Wales.

Every year, Petra and her team of migration agents help thousands of migrants secure corporate, private and humanitarian visas making PLAYFAIR Visa and Migration Services one of Australia’s leading migration advisers, both at a policy and client level. Through her entrepreneurial spirit and ability to predict and adapt to rapid changes in migration policy and law, increasingly underpinned by technology, Petra pursued her mission to humanise, mobilise and globalise people movement, realising her long-held dream to run a global business in this field.

Petra started her career as a social worker specialising in cross-cultural casework, and global migration. After being awarded a prestigious Churchill Fellowship, she became passionate about creating an inclusive and multicultural Australia, setting up PLAYFAIR-Visa and Migration Services in 1988.

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