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Tri-Tue Tran

Senior Consultant Vietnam

Tri Tue Tran is a proud Australian of Vietnamese heritage. He speaks Vietnamese fluently and he loves to compose Vietnamese verses. He has been a Captain of the Australian Vietnamese Golf Association (AVGA) since 2010 and a President of the Overseas Vietnamese World Golf Association since 2015. He is a co-founder of the AVGA.

Tri Tue has an extensive management and consultant experience in Australia and Vietnam. He also has over 20 years of experience in hospitality business, as a mentor and advisor for business, cultural organisations and social activities. He worked as a senior consultant for Qantas Airways in Vietnam and as a Business Intelligent Team leader at Qantas in Sydney for during the 2000s.

Tri Tue has a strong interest in assisting people to overcome obstacles in their lives. He has generously given his time to support fund raising activities in Vietnam and in Australia for various charities such as Com Co Thit – food for indigenous children from the mountainous areas in Vietnam, the Vietnam Immersion Project to build homes in remote areas for poor Vietnamese in central Vietnam, UNHCR. He voluntarily worked with refugees and new arrival settlements in Hobart, Tasmania during the 1980s.

Tri Tue holds a Bachelor of Science major in Mathematics and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Computer Science from the University of Tasmania. He also worked as a Systems Analyst at Qantas in Sydney and at the Rivers and Water Supply Commission in Hobart, Tasmania for two decades.

Tran is a proud Vietnamese-born Australia who has made his life’s mission to connect Vietnamese and Australian business communities through the organisation and hosting of diplomatic, cultural and recreational events linking Vietnamese and Australian trade.

Tri Tue is a Senior Consultant for Vietnamese community at PLAYFAIR.

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