Our Team

Nafisa Ferdousy


Nafisa is a spirited paralegal who tends to corporate clientele matters under instructing solicitors. At Playfair, she is devoted to the skilled and family side of migration, with rapidly growing interests in the wider field. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Law and a Bachelor of Commerce at Macquarie University, with the vision of becoming a practicing solicitor in her community.

Her own migrant background is one of her motivating factors – her drive, work ethic, and passionate approach stems from her experiences as a first-generation Bangladeshi growing up in Australia. Her long-standing fascination with the migration process and its potential to open new possibilities, culture, and lifestyles for people makes her really love what she does. Prior to Playfair, she worked in the criminal law sector – always in the interests of representing the community.

Outside of work, you’ll find her watching the latest horror movies… or entering food comas at the best new restaurants in the city.

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