Our Team

John Sheerin

Co-founder – Strategic Consultant

MARN: 170983

John has led an exciting and varied career. This included a 40 year career in the performing arts which saw John appear on the stage at the Sydney Opera House and the Royal Theatre, and worked with luminaries of stage and screen such as Mel Gibson, Noni Hazelhurst, Nicole Kidman, to name a few.

In 1986, John had the fortune to be introduced to Petra Playfair, and thus began a 30-year relationship with the Managing Partner of PLAYFAIR Visa and Migration. PLAYFAIR was developing into a significant player in the field of migration, prompting John to complete a Graduate Certificate in Migration Law, being admitted as a Registered Migration Agent in 2011.

Since his admission, John has participated in task forces at Wickham Point, Darwin and Curtin Immigration Detention Centres. John works as an immigration advisor both onshore and offshore at the Manus Island Regional Processing Centre. John’s forte is his ability to engage and relate to vulnerable clients by virtue of his life experience and well-rounded approach.

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