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PLAYFAIR® offers a range of migration options through our strong relationships with NZ employers, business consultants, tax advisers and commercial lawyers.

Emigration to New Zealand

New Zealand looks to immigration to grow sustainably in skills, business ideas and wealth. PLAYFAIR welcomes the opportunity to work with anyone seeking to contribute positively to New Zealand’s socio-political and economic future.

Through our strong relationships with NZ employers, business consultants, tax advisers and commercial lawyers, we offer a holistic migration service for:

  • guest worker programs, entertainers and athletes
  • students and working holidaymakers
  • skilled migrants and permanent settlers
  • start-ups, entrepreneurs and intra-company transferees
  • active investors and passive investment retirees, and
  • spouses and family reunions.

Please contact us to discuss your circumstances and needs.


It depends on your study, work and migration history, personal relationships and circumstances. We can assess your situation and advise on your optimal migration path. You can explore visa options on the Immigration New Zealand website.

We can help you obtain a visa to attend a job interview. NZ employers prefer face-to-face interviews and know that your ability to adjust to NZ culture and lifestyle is critical. So be prepared for an employer to suggest you travel to NZ at your expense, so they can assess you and you can assess the country before anyone commits to employment. If you make this effort, it can make all the difference. But do your research first – especially on pay rates and regional variances. 

While skilled employment enables easy entry to NZ, long-term residency depends on your age, qualifications and English language skills. To overcome barriers, we can design a personalised plan that may include up-skilling and English tuition while you continue to work in NZ.

Inclusion of partners and children depends on your job’s remuneration and skill level. Children are able to attend New Zealand schools for free while their parents hold work visas, but not universities. We recommend creating a roadmap for the entire family before you emigrate.

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The migration process can seem daunting and complex, whether you are applying personally or providing sponsorship as a large corporation.

If you have any questions or are unsure of eligibility requirements, just fill out your details below to request a consultation.

"For almost two decades, Playfair has provided our organisation with expert advice and timely solutions to our migration needs... What has never changed is Playfair’s commitment to delivering concierge service: in partnering with us, they make it their business to understand our model and deliver tailored solutions."
“We have used the services of Playfair over a number of years and they have always been very professional helping guide our business through the complicated Visa process. Anh has been great at getting back to us with solutions quickly... We fully intend to continue using their services into the future.”
Jason Heap - Head of People - Lowes