Move to Canada

Working directly with our law partner in Canada we can assist with a wide range of temporary and permanent migration options.

Emigration to Canada

Canada aims to grow its population and future tax base and drive its economy through immigration, so it is easier to enter Canada than many other developed countries. Canada particularly encourages immigration by young, educated, English and/or French speakers with at least two years’ work experience. 

PLAYFAIR® has worked extensively with Segal Immigration Law in Canada to facilitate temporary and permanent migration to Canada and the USA by individuals, families and businesses. We provide expert advice and assistance to all types of people with a wide range of applications for work permits and permanent residence, including:

  • investors
  • entrepreneurs
  • free trade agreements
  • students
  • international mobility workers
  • Provincial Nominee Programs
  • Express Entry
  • self-employed permits
  • inter-company transfers
  • overcoming inadmissibility
  • Global Skills Strategy, and
  • skilled workers.

Please contact us to discuss your circumstances and needs.


You need a work permit if you are performing an activity for which a Canadian would receive remuneration. However, there are exceptions: business visitors may enter to negotiate contracts, attend business meetings and fulfil after-sales service contracts. It is best to check before travel to avoid any difficulty at the border.

There are many different work permits. Some are easier to obtain than others and some assist in obtaining permanent residence. We can help to determine your best option by discussing your short- and long-term migration objectives and formulating a plan to achieve them.

There are several pathways to permanent residency. Some are administered by the federal government, others by individual provinces. We can help to find your best pathway by conducting an assessment of your situation.