Travel Exemptions for Individuals with Critical Skills and Businesses in Critical Sectors

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For all information on the Australian Governments current stance on travel exemptions visit their website.

Critical skills and sectors

To understand the circumstances under which The Commissioner of the Australian Border Force may grant an individual exemption to a non-citizen please review the Department of Home Affairs website.

An individual can submit a request for a travel exemption under this category or a business can submit a request on behalf of their employee(s). To ensure business application are reviewed together, the applications of multiple travellers within the same group/business can be linked.

•Use the enquiry form if you are an employer in a critical industry with an enquiry on exemptions to Australia’s travel restrictions. You can also apply online for a travel exemption via this link to the Department Of Home Affairs/ABF website.

Key Considerations

  • Please request an exemption using the form linked above and provide appropriate evidence to support the claims. 
  • Applicants working in a critical sector must provide evidence of current employment in Australia. 
  • Requests may be finalised without further consideration if insufficient evidence is provided.
  • All documents need to be officially translated into English.

Do I need to hold a visa before requesting a travel exemption?

An individual making a request under this category does not need to hold a visa at the time of applying for an exemption from Australia’s travel restrictions. However, if the travel exemption is approved you will require a valid visa to travel and all requirements for that specific visa type must be met to be granted a visa.

When should I apply for my travel exemption?

An exemption should generally be applied for a minimum of two weeks, but a maximum of two months, before planned travel. However, urgent business travel will be considered inside this timeframe.

Source: Department of Home Affairs

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