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Petra Playfair, CEO of PLAYFAIR Visa & Migration Services joins Mr Saad Mahmood, the owner of AEO, and his team in the AEO offices in Karachi. AEO and PLAYFAIR Visa & Migration Services have joined forces for their first immigration road-show which takes place in Pakistan’s major cities.

Earlier this year, PLAYFAIR and AEO decided to set up a joint-venture to provide quality services to Pakistani Nationals who want to acquire popular visas, such as residency-by-investment visas known as Golden visa, or skilled visas to countries such as Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada or even European countries. After successful meetings in Karachi, the next stops on the agenda this week are Lahore and Islamabad.

If you are interested in meeting with us, please do not hesitate to contact us on

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