Neha Prasad

Head of Practice & Partnerships
Solicitor & Registered Migration Agent
MARN: 1572581

Neha is a highly skilled solicitor with a special interest in Refugee and Human Rights Law. At PLAYFAIR, she specialises in offshore protection matters, regularly traveling to Manus Island, Papua New Guinea where she serves as a Team Leader at the Regional Processing Centre. In Australia, she has conducted research and drafted visa applications and submissions to the Department of Immigration and Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

Humanitarian law appeals to Neha’s sensibilities and her personality. She is deeply interested in social justice, cultural integration and working with people who need her help. She can converse fluently in Punjabi and Hindi as well as having a distinctly mid-Tasman English accent.

Neha completed her Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Auckland in New Zealand and has since completed a Juris Doctor from the Australian National University. She is currently working towards completing her Masters in International Law.