Myriam Nasri-Kalogeropoulou

Greece Country Manager

Myriam wrote the book on customer care. No, she actually did, it was published in January 2012. So, you can expect nothing but impeccable service from her. Prior to joining the PLAYFAIR Team, she worked in management for a travel company and has an impressive background in sales negotiations and contracts, and has extensive experience in working with client forms all over the world.

At PLAYFAIR she works as the Manager for our Greece Branch, facilitating clients with migration into both Europe through the ‘Golden Visa’ program and into Australia primarily through Skilled Migration. Her role places her in a key position to offer clients personalized information on migration pathways and her natural ability to provide efficient and tailored assistance means she can provide those who are exploring their possible opportunities unparalleled care.

She is also a keen world traveler and has lived in Dubai and UK.
Myriam can speak an impressive array of languages, including French, English, Italian, Greek and has just begun learning Hebrew! Being from a Tunisian background she is also fluent in Arabic and is an accredited translator.

Along with her love of world culture also comes a passion for conservation and caring for our planet, Myriam is a member of Greenpeace. She is also very interested in historical and cultural studies and has a specific interest in studying prophecies, so if your future has been written in the stars, she’s very likely to know about your inquiry before you’ve even hit the ‘send’ button.