Dimitris Boukas

Lawyer & Mediator

From ancient times, Greece has gifted the world with great scholars, inspiration people of knowledge and learning; Plato, Socrates, Aristotle and … more recently, Dimitris Boukas.

Dimitris has many strings to his bow. From legal and communications consultant, speech writer, journalist, editor, presenter, producer, reporter …we could go on but we’re worried about running out of pixels.

Holding two degrees, a law degree and a second in journalism, Dimitris also has a diverse background in many different industries including radio and TV stations, newspapers, PR firms and law firms. He studied at the prestigious Panteion University of Athens and was awarded a Master in Public Administration.

He has also worked extensively as advisor for the Ministries of International affairs, Domestic affairs and Justice in Greece.

Parle vousfrancais? Dimitris does, fluently. He will also translate it into English and Greek for you, as he’s fluent in those too.

In addition to his impressive CV, Dimitrishas worked as a legal aid attorney for Non-Government Organisations offering the asylum seekers, who have recently arrived in Greece, much needed assistance and providing his expertise in field of migration, asylum and human rights.

Dimitris, at PLAYFAIR, uses his experience as a legal and communications consultant to provide specialised and detailed advice on emigration into Europe through the “golden visa” program of Greek Government. In his role as a legal consultant, Dimitris, contributed to the initial creation of the legislation for the Greek residency Program, meaning he can offer insight and dependable advice few others can.

Currently a father of two, Dimitris enjoys spending his free time with his daughters. He is a keen basketball player, taking part in amateur basketball tournaments. Finally, something no one would expect, Dimitris is a long-time trumpet player, playing frequently to entertain his little girls.