Adriana Mercado

Head of Onshore Protection

Adriana Mercado was born in El Salvador. Together with her family, she travelled to Australia as a refugee. Experiencing forced migration first hand has given Adriana a unique perspective and understanding of the challenges asylum seekers face. Adriana has extensive experience assisting vulnerable people in challenging environments.

Adriana is an alumna of the University of Western Sydney, where she completed a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Communication. While at UWS, Adriana received the Lamrocks Award for the Most Outstanding Student in Advance Torts & Civil Wrongs 2011 for her opinion piece on refugees in which Adriana explored the semantics that surround an increasingly politicised issue.

In 2017 she has been named the winner of the prestigious John Gibson AM Young Migration Lawyer of the Year award. The Award recognises excellence by young lawyers in the field of migration law in Australia or internationally.

Furthermore, Adriana is a Co-Founder/Director of the AMB foundation. The purpose of the foundation is to assist asylum seekers unable to meet the practical costs of tertiary education.