Our Team

Humayun Waheed

Pakistan Country Manager

“Humayun or “Humi” joined Playfair after completing his Postgraduate degree from The University of Sydney. Before joining PLAYFAIR, Humi ran his own digital marketing agency in his home country Pakistan. He has considerable experience in the field of management particularly marketing management. Having worked in Syria, Lebanon, Pakistan and Australia provided Humi with the ability to work in diverse teams.

Humi joined PLAYFAIR as an Assistant Supervisor helping out with the Manus Task Force and also working on PLAYFAIR marketing strategies. After moving back to Pakistan Humi was brought on to become the Pakistan Country Manager for PLAYFAIR. He is responsible for formulating marketing strategies for visas Pakistani citizens may be able to attain, setting up correspondence with our Pakistan based clients, providing extensive advice with regards to the complexities involved in migration and ensuring our clients in Pakistan get the exact same standard of service as our clients from Europe, Australia and other parts of the world.

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