Marina Brizar

Head of Corporate and Private Clients
Solicitor & Registered Migration Agent
MARN: 1383786

Marina and her family migrated to Australia as refugees in 1995. It doesn’t take a genius to work out what motivates her to come to work every day.

Marina completed a Bachelor of Laws and International Studies at the University of Technology, Sydney. While at UTS, her In-Country Study took her to Spain where she ran with the bulls, threw tomatoes at strangers, danced salsa in the street, and became an avid support of the Osasuna Football Club, by default. All this is to say that Marina has been a migrant more than once and appreciates that human movement can have a profound emotional, physical and mental implications on a person; and she strives to be a part of that journey!

As the Head of Corporate, Marina has oversight of all applications that are processed by our Corporate team, and personally handles more complex cases. In addition to this, Marina is periodically assigned asylum seekers/ refugee applications, which ensure that she is challenged all-round.

Marina’s all-round brilliance was recognised by the Law Council of Australia, when she was awarded the prestigious John Gibson AM Young Migration Lawyer of the Year award in 2015. Later that year, the Women Lawyers’ Association of NSW recognised Marina by naming her Woman Lawyer of the Year – Up and Coming.

Clients may be comforted by the knowledge that Marina is a Virgo – which in ordinary vernacular translates to “Type A”. Her work space (alas, her head space) is ultra-organised. Some believe that she has got her hands on one of those time-turners from Harry Potter that enables her to be in multiple places at once because she gets so much done. Maybe she never actually sleeps. We don’t really know. What we do know is how hard working, intelligent, reliable and important she is to our clients and our team.

In 2016, the University of Technology, Sydney, included Marina in its “Towering 10” list of significant UTS alumni. When walking through the office, clients can identify Marina’s office as one with fresh orchids and prints of Frida Kahlo’s image and art. We warn that she does break into dance and song at inappropriate times; do not take this personally.

Marina is closely involved in CSR activities, hosting a photographic exhibition for 2015 World Refugee Day, which raised funds to support refugees embarking in entrepreneurial endeavours. Boosted by the success of this event, Marina formed the AMB Foundation alongside her colleagues Adriana Mercado and Angela Fenato. The foundation aims to assist students from a refugee background with the practical expenses of attaining a tertiary education.

When she isn’t burning the midnight oil at the office, Marina is a keen participant in samba and reggaeton dancing, and has taken part in international competitions. Unfortunately for the rest of us, she models her life on Beyoncé, and regularly answers questions with lines like “I woke up like this”, “flawless” or “I may have some dancing obligations…”.

Marina’s colleagues refer to her as a justice making, glass-ceiling breaking chica, who is hugely talented at everything she does, and not remotely interested in sweating the rest.