Amy Twinch

Solicitor & Registered Migration Agent
MARN: 1384438

A migrant from South Africa, Amy is a Solicitor and Barrister admitted to practice in the Supreme Court of South Australia in 2013. Before her tenure at PLAYFAIR, Amy served as a Solicitor and Migration Agent at the Australian Refugee Association, and then as an Associate Resettlement Officer at the UNHCR.

Her role at the UNHCR was centred around the Rohingya crisis on the border of Thailand and Malaysia, were she assisted with resettling the most vulnerable Rohingya refugees, as well as assisting the urban refugee population in Bangkok.

At PLAYFAIR, Amy provides advice and assistance to highly vulnerable onshore asylum seekers under the Commonwealth’s PAIS program. This has involved setting up and maintaining a PLAYFAIR presence in South Australia, reaching out to local networks within the refugee support community, and engaging the services of other highly skilled refugee lawyers in South Australia.

Amy was recently appointed as a board member of the Refugee Advocacy Service of South Australia (RASSA), and was a finalist in an outstanding field nominated for the 2016 Law Council of Australia’s Young Migration Lawyer of the Year Award.